Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Dark Side of the Moon

For no apparent reason, Lucas dropped his pants at school today and mooned his class. Yeah, it happened. Needless to say, his teacher was mortified. Here's the thing: If Lucas was a typical child, it would be chalked up to being a 5-year-old, but because he has Down syndrome, everything is associated with his disability.

That sucks.

Our nanny then told us the same teacher (from his "self contained" class) told her "his parents want him to spend more time in the general education class, but he's just not ready." I can't begin to explain how that totally and completely frosts me. She's a new special education teacher who apparently believes and was trained that special education is indeed a place for kids with disabilities, instead of the more modern approach of it being a "service" that is offered to help support and encourage learning among their typical peers. Tom is calling the Ombudsman Office to seek counsel about what our recourse may be as we challenge the school system's mentality, while I seek help and guidance from other parents who have been there and done that in this school system as well as counsel of my dear friend, Michele, who is a champion and educator of kids with disabilities.

I see Lucas' future bright and full of possiblities. I see it clear as day. Those who know me know I'm not a "pie in the sky" kinda girl. I'm a realist, so my point is, this isn't wishful thinking (well, maybe a little), but what I know to be true in my bones, and what Lucas is capable of achieving for himself.

What I don't see is how we're going to get there...and that often scares me. BUT...we will press on and challenge every stupid ass preconception. How can we not? Lucas' life and future depends on it. Keeping my eye on the prize helps me find perserverance, strength and courage I didn't know I had.

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