Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 5: Shameless Plug

October's not only Down Syndrome Awareness Month with Buddy Walks in every major city, but it's also Lucas' birthday! On October 15th our little bean will be SIX...I'm really starting to get what parents mean when they say, "before you know it, he'll be headed for high school."

Since Lucas was born, each year, I plan to ask friends and family -- scattered all over the country (and beyond) -- to donate to the Buddy Walk in honor of Lucas (and in lieu of presents)...but I can never seem to get my act together.

A couple of years ago, we assembled a team of friends for the national Buddy Walk in NYC, it made for a very memorable experience and a wonderful fundraiser for the National Down Syndrome Society -- our team raised more than $2,500.

This year, in a last-minute attempt to turn things around -- with a week to go before our local Puget Sound Buddy Walk -- I created a fundraising page and blasted out emails. Now, there's less than 48 hours to go before the event and I'm at 65% of my goal of raising $1,000 in honor of Lucas. A big THANK YOU to all who have donated to support the cause! If you'd like to pitch in to help our local community, with a portion of funds going to support the national organization and advocacy on behalf of individuals with Down syndrome, vist SUPPORT TEAM BEAN

On behalf of Team Bean, we appreciate your consideration, kindness and friendship!

Look for pictures of the walk in an upcoming blog post.

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