Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 6: Adventurer

Lucas went on his first hike today to one of Tom's favorite places...Twin Falls, near North Bend, where Tom was living when we started dating. It was a warm, sunny fall day and Lucas loved getting out in nature...exploring the terrain, the trees, the rocks, and weaving his way through the trail. After a stop along the river, Tom suggested we turn back, but Lucas wouldn't have it...he was moving ahead of us, wanting to take in everything there was to see and gaining distance to our destination. But, before too long though, he wanted a piggy back ride so we headed out.
In the peace of the hike back to the car, I reflected on the gorgeous day and scenery, feeling really blessed to be there with my boys in that moment and time. I struggle to live in the "here and now" even though it's always so blissful when I stop myself to do so. Tom carried Lucas on piggy back, as I followed. It always warms my heart to see the deep bond that exists between them...anyone who has spent any time with Tom and Lucas knows they have a language all their own and a soul connection. In case you're wondering, Lucas absolutely favors his father over me, and I've learned to live with it.
At the end of the day, I told Tom, "Coming here has made me realize I want to instill a sense of adventure in my son." To me there are few things more remarkable then exploring a new place, meeting new people and learning/doing new things. Lucas has earned a fair number of frequent flyer miles, and today we vowed to do our best to continue opening Lucas' eyes up to all there is to see.
These were taken along the South Fork Snoqualmie River.

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