Monday, July 26, 2010

New Pre-Schooler Pad

Lucas graduated from his toddler bed last weekend...mostly because Tom got tired of attempting to fold his 6-foot frame into the tiny bed every night to tuck Lucas to sleep (on nights Lucas didn't wear us down and cuddle up on our bed). Lucas now has a "big boy" twin mattress as well as a bed, headboard, and dresser (used Pier 1 Kids furniture, thanks to Craigslist). Given Lucas' love for animals, the room has a jungle-inspired motif, with a little Buzz and Mickey to mix it up. He's got lots of books, stuffed animals, a bean bag, and lights (including a great Ikea find -- a hanging round lamp that projects moons, stars, and planets around the room). Lucas is loving his new room and is actually sleeping in it through the night so we've taken back our bed...Hallelujah! Here's the new room and bathroom.

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