Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Call Me "Fish"

Lucas always has enjoyed the in South Florida may do that to you. When we decided Tom would stay home this summer (working part-time on a consulting gig) to focus on providing Lucas with an unforgettable summer before his transition to PreK-3, we knew swimming would be just the ticket. After consulting with Tom's Dad and doing some research, we invested in a little above ground pool -- an Intex 10'x30". It was the best $99 we ever spent. Even if the thing collapsed tomorrow, Lucas has had non-stop fun getting all pruned up in the pool for hours a day. It's become his favorite after school ritual.

With temperatures topping 90 degrees here and comparable humidity, going to the park or trying to enjoy any other outdoor activity seems pointless. And even though the pool water is as warm as bath water, Lucas doesn't seem to mind. He's even learned some basic swimming moves, including holding his breath under water, kicking his feet, and floating on his back. Check out his "Coppertone" baby back...and yes, we slather him in sunscreen, but the kid's got a kicking tan (I wish I could say the same).

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