Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dream Playground Come True

This Saturday, Tom and I have volunteered to help build a new playground for Lucas' school -- the University of Miami Debbie School. The school serves both kids with and without disabilities, and has been a true blessing in our life so we're glad to give back...even though Lucas will only be able to enjoy it for a few weeks before he moves on to public school (sniff, sniff).

The playground is in need of an extreme makeover because it's not only old, but dangerous...it's mostly built of metal. The Knight Foundation and KaBOOM! have partnered with the Debbie School to make this dream playground possible -- the best part is the playground will be accessible to ALL kids, even those with physical disabilities. Check out the video from our local CBS (it's to the right of the story) and look for Lucas who's in the background and in a closeup -- he's wearing a green "Gap" shirt and a big smile.

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Thanks for everything! Lucas can join us next summer for camp....keep in touch!