Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lucas at 32 Months

Wow, I get the feeling these updates are going to be harder than I thought; moreso, because I can feel the time slipping away and my toddler growing into a little boy. So here are a few new things in the Bean's World at 32 months:

Lucas is making more sounds, and because I have an awful ear, I can't tell you what they are. His articulation is also improving greatly so he's starting to say the whole word in many cases, and not just the beginning or the end. The other thing is that he is repeating more and more what he hears (it's time to wash out my sometimes potty mouth!). He continues to use "I" and signing "want" although he's starting to sometimes say "want" and then either speaking or signing the object of his affection...which usually involves either food or playing. He is loving both asking for "row, row, row" your boat and "rowing" along to the song. Lucas is adding to his repetoire of animal sounds and now makes horse naying and elephant trumpeting sounds.

This also has been a big month for gross motor skills. Lucas is climbing stairs on his own, while holding the rail for support. He's more tentative on the descend and still working on his balance. He went up and down Jenni's stairs in Nashville (all 20 steps) twice. This past week, we went to physical therapy and actually jumped on the trampoline -- his little feet came about an inch off the ground...that counts! As a result, he's ready for a mini-trampoline at home. He's now kicking any size ball and saying "kick" at the same time he swings his leg. He's throwing a small ball with one hand; and we're working on catching a big ball.

The potty training is coming along slowly...although we haven't been very dedicated. Lucas has had several successful movements, mostly while enjoying his new book "Potty Time with Elmo" (*with sound*). I've been reading up on the 3-day potty training method which I've heard good things about, and plan to devote ourselves to trying it in the next few weeks -- it seems like a real commitment of time and energy (not to mention requiring a heavy dose of patience).

BUT...the most exciting thing Lucas is doing now is...starting to sight read! I bought this "game" called "Simple Words" which are about 20 two-piece puzzles with a picture on one half and the word on the other. Lucas quickly picked up these "high interest" words he can sign and say: cow, sheep, bee, pig, boat, book, tree, and car. Here's a little demo:

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Angie said...

Watching him say the words on the puzzle and sign was great. He is doing amazing. Cutest little guy. :)