Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Memory of Thomas Webster Potter

As many of you know, Tom and Lucas visited Grandpa Potter in St. Louis a few weeks ago because of his ailing health. On Sunday, May 24, 2009, Tom's beloved grandpa passed away in his sleep at his daughter Karen's home in St. Louis. He was 87. He is buried next to his wife Mary at Lake Charles Memorial Park.

Thomas W. Potter was born in Arkansas. He was a WWII veteran, father of 5, grandfather of 11, and great-grandfather of 10. In 1943, he married Mary Marshall in Savannah while in the service. As a widower, at the sprightly age of 80 he married Irene who survived him.

Grandpa loved trout fishing and was an avid gardner. He and Tom's grandma were very active in Church, and were fans of Southern gospel music, often attending Southern gospel music conventions in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

As Grandpa's namesake, Tom adored his grandfather and has attempted to live a life to make him proud. Grandpa played a prominent role in many of Tom's favorite childhood memories, especially fishing in Montauk.  I remember Grandpa as a sweet, loving, gentle man who never had a cross word for anyone.  He will be missed.

Grandpa lived a healthy, happy, long life. His final days were spent in the loving company of his children and dear family and friends. Should we all be so lucky.

Here are Grandpa, Lucas, and Tom at Aunt Jackie's house in St. Louis, August 2007.


Ani-Mal said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about Tom's grandpa. Please send him my love...

Ssejors said...

What a wonderful pictuer of the generations. Sorry to hear about your loss. All our love to your family.

Bean and Jes

MikeTravels said...

Very sweet tribute. My sympathy to you, Tom, Lucas and the rest of his family and friends.