Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh No She Didn't...

After trying to reach Lucas' cardiologist since Monday, Tom finally tracked her down today -- she was very apologetic about not getting back to us but promised she would call tonight since the cardiology conference at Children's Hospital was this afternoon...she didn't call. We paged her twice and finally at about 10:00 PM, her associate called. He too was apologetic and told us there was probably nothing to report yet...I don't care! She said she would call and give us an answer...earlier, she said she was favoring a "wait and see" approach as opposed to moving forward with surgery and that she was going to try to "convince" the other docs to agree. We're on pins and needles here waiting to know which way they went and what things we need to be considering. We will undoubtedly have resolution tomorrow...the waiting is killing us!

I do have some exciting good news...Lucas went ON THE POTTY for the first time tonight...TWICE! Only people with kids can appreciate what a freaking big deal this is...and my how kids love the praise...we were clapping and was a riot! Hmmmmm....maybe he was trying to make up for the disappointment of his cardiologist?

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Ani-Mal said...

What reason could she possibly have for NOT getting in touch with you!! How terribly frustrating.