Thursday, May 14, 2009


NO SURGERY!!!!!  As a matter of fact, the cardiologist said Lucas may NEVER need surgery to correct his ASD.  The recommendation is to follow him, indefinitely, to monitor the defect.  I can't express how I feel right now...mostly numb because after planning for this surgery for more than a year, I just can't quite wrap my head around the fact that it's NOT happening and may never happen.  

A big fat "THANK YOU" and shout out to ALL the wonderful people who kept us in their prayers, especially Barbara and her tribe of "prayer warriors" who dilligently prayed on Lucas' behalf -- we are feeling so very blessed right now.


Ann said...

Yeah! Wonderful news!

Linden said...

Sandy, Tommy and Lucas
I am so glad to know that Lucas will NOT need OHS. Although I am the optimist and I assumed that everything would workout for the best, avoiding surgery and a hospital stay is always the best.

Ani said...

OMG!! I just read this -- this is such amazing news!!! I am so very, very happy for you and for BEAN!!

Glenn and Lisa said...

What a freakn' relief! You're gonna need to eat your Wheaties to keep up with him. OX, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! God made him and knows the special plans for this little man! All the glory to God for Bean's progress and good news!!! Way to go Beanie!! I love it!!! and you guys! Barb