Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today, I was woken up by the sound of Lucas' little feet on our wooden floor, making his way into our room. He smiled at me and immediately asked for his favorite food, yogurt. It was a good way to start Mother's Day. Later in the morning, Lucas enjoyed playing in his new sandbox and running around the back yard. We went for brunch at Tom's place, and were joined by my sister and my niece, Kristine. It was such a beautiful day, we headed to the beach in the late afternoon -- I'm always complaining about the beaches in Miami which are littered and wasn't much of an exception, but we managed a nice spot near the water and Lucas spent most of his time dodging the waves and laughing...I was loving the moment. Tom cooked a delicious pasta bolognese and we're getting ready to watch a movie...all in all, a most excellent day.


Ani-Mal said...

Good god - what has Christine done to her hair!

I sound like I am 75 years old...

Ssejors said...

You lucky Devil!
Happy mothers day! What I wouldn't have done for a day at the beach with my hijo y esposo yesterday. I live in a city that is pretty much land locked. I used to live on the ocean in Vancouver but not now!!! :'( /cry too far from any body of water. Tell you what.. We will come visit! :) Looked like beautiful weather for Mother's day~ Hope you had a Great day with your family!