Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Partial Eclipse of the Sun

Since I'm completely new to the blog-world, I'm like a deer in headlights, not knowing what is "worthy" of chronicling. This morning, it occurred to me -- whatever the hell is on my mind, so here goes.

Like every other school/work day before us, Lucas and I set out across the street headed for our respective days -- he in his stroller, and me trying to avoid the loud people and sounds of the busy intersection. An important point is that the University of Miami's medical campus is adjacent to the county hospital and smack in the middle of the innercity so it's a shady place, even when the sun is bright and warm, providing a false appearance and sense of security. As we made our way to the other side of the wide median, a baseball size rock rolled under Lucas' stroller and was stopped by a doctor who was on my left. All of a sudden, my mind put together the events as they'd unfolded -- a white, 60ish, scraggly looking man had picked up the rock and hurled it at Lucas ... AT Lucas!!! After we passed each other, he kept ranting nonsensically and squared up to me, pointed at Lucas and yelled "that baby!" with pure disgust. A few moments later, traffic opened up and he continued his rant as he fled across the street and into the heart of the campus. I thanked the doctor who stood by me the whole time -- I didn't get his name but I remember a nice-looking East-Indian man with dark, determined eyes ... without saying a word to one another, I knew he'd back me should this crazy man attempt us any harm. I wheeled Lucas into his Debbie School classroom, shaken, and as soon as I handed him off, I broke down, retelling the story to anyone who would listen. I reported the assault to security, filed a police report, and hope this man doesn't harm anyone else. For his sake as well as mine, I hope I don't ever run into him again ... although I couldn't provide too accurate a description, I won't soon forget him. From now on, I'll start dropping Lucas off right in front of the school and park at the garage myself.

So ... what did I learn from the experience? That there are too many crazy people in the world who need help and aren't getting it. That although you think you're street smart and ready for anything, you're not. That adrenaline can provide courage when needed, but will aid in forgetting important details. That no matter how ugly things get, there are still good people in the world, even in Miami. That you have no idea how much you love your child or what you'd do if anyone hurt him ... I'm glad I didn't have to find out.


michele said...

Wow! I can't tell you the range of emotions I feel from that story! Disgust for the man, fear for Lucas, empathy and enlightenment from you wity your understanding of a possible underlying mental illness. Still makes me want to kick that guy's @**. You are beautiful for still seeing the love in life for that day. I am glad you had people to cry to....let it out. Lucas is God's gift to all of us...just the crazy people don't understand that importance!

angela hoskins said...

OMG! I can't believe that! How scary!!!

lizard queen said...


I am so happy to be here! I think of you often, now I don't have to go far to know how you are all doing!

What a scary day! Sounds like you handled it well