Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reality Setting In

It's been a month now since Tom headed out to I predicted, it feels like just yesterday and yet an eternity.  In this short time, I've done a bit of growing and I finally feel like I'm coming out the other side and able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Next Friday, Lucas and I head to Seattle to celebrate my 45th birthday and share some much needed family time, before the final push -- we're then back in Miami for a few weeks to pack, give notice at my job (YES!!!!!) and tie up all the loose ends (Lucas' IEP meeting, which always gives me agita).

I could've never guessed that in some ways I'd be "starting over" at this ripe old age, which is equally frightening and liberating! I'm excited for this fantastic new adventure, although there have been days and moments since Tom's departure that I've wondered out loud, "what the hell are we doing?!" Relocating your life to the far corner of our country is a daunting and scary that requires more courage than I can usually muster. But in my "I give up" moments of weakness, I ask myself, "what's in Lucas' best interest?" and ultimately, what's in my family's best interest...and time and time again, I come to the same stay the course. A life out west may not be nirvana and it will certainly not be as sunny as my Miami, but it will give our son a more loving, peaceful, and stable environment to be raised in, surrounded by family and friends. In this life, I can't ask for much more promise from a fresh start. Just two more months in paradise.

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