Monday, February 13, 2012

12 Long Days...

Tom left for Seattle bright and early on February 2nd. Since, he's been busy catching up with his family and old friends as well as getting up to speed with his exciting new job. I'm jealous. Tom is living our future, while I'm "holding down the fort" in a life I'm getting ready to leave behind. The days fly by and at the same exact time...drag on. How's that possible?! I keep reminding myself this is another opportunity to grow and learn things about myself I wouldn't otherwise get a chance to do...I tell you, there are some lessons or experiences I know I could do without.

On the upside, with Tom away, I get to call all the shots (and those of you who know me, know I kinda like it that way). Lucas has been incredibly well behaved, and at times, even delightful! We have a routine established and he complies with most of my requests (without much whining). At night, he's able to spend a few minutes connecting with Tom via Skype which has been a huge help...he even hugs and kisses the computer. He understands Tom is living in Seattle and knows we will move too. If you ask him now where he lives, he will usually say "Seattle" -- not quite yet, little man! Another 75 days or'll be here before you know it (yeah, right!).

On the downside, I'm exhausted all the time! I have a new-found appreciation and respect for single parents (and those whose spouses are deployed) who do it all, every day. Did I just say "do it all"? No, no, no...the secret to survival is understanding you CAN'T do it all. So, I do as much as I can, when I can. It's not a good proposition for my type-A personality, but there's another growth opportunity too...challenging myself to do the best I can and be okay if it's not my best.

It's not just the practical, everyday things (taking out the trash, helping Lucas with homework, making dinner -- I miss my husband's cooking!) that take a toll, but it's the simple fact that I miss my family...the everyday silliness and joy that comes from being together and sharing ourselves with one another. But as many of my friends have reminded me: this too shall pass.

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