Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucas!

Our big boy is three today! I can hardly believe it. It's what everyone says, but you've got to live to understand...they grow so fast, too fast. Every day more, Lucas becomes more vocal, opinionated, and it or not, my prayers are being answered.

I ran into a woman in the elevator recently who asked me if Lucas goes to the Debbie School, and I said "yes" -- she said, it seemed like only yesterday her son was there too...she followed up with "he'll be in high school before you know it" -- I know that much is true.

Today, we'll celebrate with Lucas' school friends with Mickey Mouse cupcakes, and tonight, what else? Presents! I promise photos later.

Here's my yearly tribute to Lucas...I love putting this together each year and reflecting on all the fun times and the wonderful people who fill our lives with love, encouragement, inspiration, and support. I couldn't resist the Josh Groban tune, and I'm not apologizing for it! So turn up the volume, pull out your tissues, and help us celebrate our big hunk of love...

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Jen Blume said...

Well, you have me in tears again! I can't believe how fast they grow up. Meyer is right behind him. It's such a joy to have this glimpse into your lives, thank you for sharing this! Love to you all --- miss you lots. Jen