Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For Your Eyes Only

Okay, so once again, we're giving glasses a try.  This is officially Lucas' FOURTH pair, and he's not even THREE yet...holy smokes!  Anyway, Tom and I took Lucas to Bascom Palmer (a part of the University of Miami where I work, and the number one eye hospital in the country).  After waiting four hours (that's not a typo)...we finally got in to the pediatric ophthalmologist who told us Lucas' nystagmus is improving, but his vision worsened -- Lucas is near-sighted or myopic -- his prescription is 6.25 and 4.50 so we're hoping he really "sees" the benefits of keeping his glasses on now.  Poor baby, when we go to the zoo for instance, we can tell he's looking for the animals, but they're just blending in with the background.

Thanks to a tip from my friend Kerra, we went to For Eyes where we scored two pairs for $129 (as compared to the usual $300 at Miami Children's Hospital rip-off of a clinic).  Here's Beanie with his first experience with his new glasses.  Keep your fingers crossed these do the trick!

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