Monday, September 7, 2009

Miracle Child

Although I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, that doesn't mean it's been quiet around here.  Lucas has had a number of great doctor visits which has reminded me of all the uncertainties of the beginning and how far we've come...

Our story starts with the lone frozen embryo from our one IVF attempt -- the embryo was transferred the week following my Mom's death when hope seemed lost that I could become successfully pregnant.  I'd lost three pregnancies, including a ruptured ectopic which required removal of my right tube so in what seemed like an impossible twist of fate, I was in fact pregnant and he was obviously determined to make his entrance.

Fast forward to October 15th, an otherwise beautiful day in South Florida, until we heard the words that would forever change our lives "we think he has Down syndrome"...I can still vividly remember those raw moments that followed...I don't EVER want to go to that place again.  After we'd had a chance to spend a little time with Lucas, in the early morning hours the following day, I looked up at Tom through my tears and said "but he makes me happy" and in that moment -- and every moment since -- it's that inexplicable, undefinable love and devotion that calls me to defend, protect, and adore our first and only son.  At every turn, Lucas has earned his "miracle" child title.  He survived the thaw before the transfer, he grew strong and healthy in my questionable emotional state/womb, and he arrived full of life, wonder, and determination.

Since that day, Lucas has been the exception and is defying the odds.  His VSD (hole between the lower chambers of his heart) closed on its own which is unheard of according to his cardiologist; his ASD (hole between the upper chambers of his heart) is so tiny, it will likely never need to be repaired via open heart surgery, again another "unheard of" phenomenon; his ENT just cleared him from needing tubes and said his hearing is within the "normal" range; a cervical spine X-ray to check for AAI (instability of the neck vertebrae common with kids with DS) determined his vertebrae are "normal" and thus Lucas and Daddy may continue their WWF rounds; he measures at the 50th percentile in both height and weight when compared to his typically developing peers (and is off the Down syndrome growth chart); his development in all areas continues to impress his therapists; and last but not least, he is one of the most loving and funny kids you'll ever meet.  Can you tell we're proud parents?!

In the end, we know Lucas has a disability and nothing will change that.  However, his disability does not define him and it has opened doors to people, places, experiences, and emotions, we would never have known if it wasn't because of it.  I don't know that I really believed in miracles until Lucas walked into my life; and every day with him teaches me we may all have limitations, but our possibilities are limitless.

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Lisa said...

What a great post! You are both such an inspiration...Keep up the great work~!