Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Girls

Quite by accident, we adopted two kitties on Labor Day.  One of my friends/co-workers is a volunteer for a pet adoption organization and after she told me about a little kitty she was rescuing, I told her to keep an eye out for a Hemingway (or extra toed) kitty since my late, great Lola was one and I have a soft spot for them.

Low and behold...they'd found one and when we went to visit, she had grown attached to another kitty.  So before we knew it, we came home with both.  For now, we're "fostering" Maxine -- the tuxedo one who reminds me of my Scarlett who was also a tuxedo -- but we can't imagine separating the two.  I am still allergic to cats (despite having three over the past 18 years) so we're slowly introducing them inside -- they're spending half their time on our screened-in patio.  Roxie Hart is the Hemingway who looks like she's wearing a phantom of the opera mask -- see her extra toes?  She has them on all four paws.  They're both about 4-5 months old now.  Lucas is loving petting them and they're getting along fairly well with Roscoe who just wants to play.


Rob Blackford said...

Maybe not as cute as our kittens, but pretty cute nonetheless! Just kidding. :-)

Mrs. K said...

Congrats on the new additions! I remember when I went to the shelter, I only wanted one kitty, Osca. They gave me the same schpeel that he & Gracie were attached & were both FIV+. So, reluctantly, I brought them both home. It was the best decision I made! I'm so glad you have some kitties back in your life.