Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer Vacations

I still need to post some photos from our summer vacation to Seattle in June (although it felt a lot more like fall with all the rain and wind), but we had several visitors to our neck of the woods over the last few weeks. First up, cousin Denise and her friend Angie from St. Louis stopped in on their way back from a Caribbean cruise, and we caught up with them for lunch on South Beach (first picture).

The second photo is of Lucas with his sister, Tayler, when she came for a week-long visit from Seattle. We loved having Tayler and Lucas is very fond of her (if you can't tell!). We're hoping she can make it back at Christmas time.

Lastly, our dear friend, Rhonda, and her brother passed through from Seattle and Hawaii (respectively) on their way to a Caribbean cruise. Being around all these cruising people has given us the bug to go ourselves...we'll see when we can swing it. It was so great to have them all visit...when are you coming?

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