Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Call Me an Activist!

I was interviewed for a piece today on the debate about whether "Tropic Thunder" is highly offensive -- you can only imagine on what side I stood...I stood proud with my fellow parents of kids with developmental disabilities all over the country who are speaking out on the disregard for our community and the overuse of the negative, offensive word "retard" which was used 17 times in what I'm sure will be a summer blockbuster. Don't miss Ben Stiller defending himself on the issue -- he still doesn't believe an apology is warranted, and even if I wanted to forgive him for making the movie, I can't pardon him for not admitting he made a mistake by not consulting with disability groups, and ultimately, not caring he offended an entire community. If you ask me, Beanie steals the show! Here we are on Miami's CBS 4.


MikeTravels said...

You Go Girl! Great comments Sandy! Lucas was indeed a star! Ben Stiller is a chump.

lizard queen said...


Watching you with Lucas in that interview made me so proud to know you.


Glenn and Lisa said...

It sure won't bother me to miss another Ben Stiller movie - and this time I can cite a more noble cause than my usual: "Ben Stiller movies suck".

Lucas did steal the show and his Mom did well too. I am with you 100%!

(Had to correct my spelling error....)

mcweix said...

I just wanted to applaude your efforts and let you know that I have shared this blog with my pregnancy board to help continue to spread the word. I will not be seeing this movie and Ben Stiller is a pompus idiot.

Anonymous said...

Our names are Brooklyn(11) and Bailey(10). Our mom is Angie, and she is a close friend of Robin and Darren's. We think Lucas is adorable and very smart! We think it is really mean of them to make a movie that used the R word. We do not say it and think it is not a nice word! We love Lucas and wish him the best!!

Betty/Chris said...

Hey Sandy, Amanda posted the link to your blog. I hope its OK to peek in on you :) It's been too long. Good for you speaking up about Stiller's movie. It's disappointing that he's trying to defend using such offensiveness as "satire". He needs a dictionary and an education. And he's a parent too, he should know better. Shame on him.

Lucas is sure growing up, he's sooo cute! xo Betty

angie said...

I hope you dont mind me writing. So good to see you and your boy, he is getting so big. I(we) really miss you on our board. I love the new hair cut ;)
You did wonderful and so did Lucas. I read through your blog and 'Turning Point' really touched me.
"At the end of the day, if I don't use these experiences as opportunities to educate people, who will?" Your absolutely right, Sandy. This post had me wiping tears away.
Angie *brett & Grace's Mom*

Jen Blume said...

Hello and greetings from Seattle! Sandy, I've loved keeping up with you through your blog. Lucas is absolutely amazing and the girls and I watch him all the time here from my laptop.

Here's a blog of a friend of mine who lives in Yakima WA who also has a son with down syndrome. She actually interned at MAW for me years ago. I wanted to connect the two of you.

Miss you lots, take care! - Jen