Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mouseland, etc.

It's been an exceptionally busy time in the Rhyneer house. Sandy spent four days in Walt Disney World and is now a proud graduate of the Disney Institute -- it was a very cool training where we learned so much about the Disney culture and how we can apply their "best practices" to our hospital/cancer center. Graduation included a certificate and coveted Mickey ears -- not to mention, a surprise appearance by the Mouse himself! Even Lucas got a piece of the action. We stayed on over the weekend and enjoyed Lucas' 2nd trip to the world of the mouse -- he rode "Dumbo" and the carousel for the first time, with repeat visits to Pirates and Haunted Mansion. We went on safari at Animal Kingdom and Tom and Sandy enjoyed the thrilling "Expedition Everest" -- the newest Disney-style rollercoaster. A good time was had by all.

Lucas is headed for urology surgery on Thursday as an out patient and will spend Friday recouping at home. Although he'll be under general anesthesia, we've been told it's a routine procedure and he will recover quickly.

On Saturday, Lucas will be baptized thanks to Lucas' Godfather and his aunt, Haydee, who connected us with the church, Prince of Peace. Sandy's mom would be proud and happy to know Lucas is joining the Catholic Church. Lucas' Godparents are Sandy's dear friends, Armando Valdes (Mandy) and Silvia Eguaras. Look for pictures of Disney and Lucas' baptism soon.

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