Friday, May 16, 2008

Lucas is Official

Lucas was baptized on Saturday, May 10th at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Miami. It was an intimate ceremony with only a handful of family and friends which of course included Lucas' Godmother/Madrina, Silvia, and Godfather/Padrino, Armando -- Sandy's long-time, very dear friends. The priest, who we had never met before, did a fantastic job of making it seem as if though we all belonged in this peaceful, quaint church. Despite his thick accent, Padre Geraldo spoke eloquently about this first rite and wove stories in Spanish which added charm, humor, and personalized the experience for us all.

Lucas was such a big boy and behaved so well during the ceremony -- his only complaint was when cold water was poured over his head -- but can you blame the kid? The priest handled him so tenderly and many of us were moved to watch Lucas lock eyes on him when he was anoited with oil and then how Lucas' whole face lit up at the end of the blessing. Mami would be so happy and I know she was there in spirit. Armando summed it up was one of the most spiritual experiences I've had in a church in a long time.

We were very blessed to be able to share such a beautiful day and special occasion with everyone. A great big thanks to Padrino and his peeps -- Abuela Adita, Tia Haydee, and cousin Heidi -- for orchestrating the event and for all the support in making it possible. Here are a few photos of the festivities.

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