Monday, February 25, 2008


Lucas and Roscoe love each other -- no, really. We spend at least half our time breaking them up because their either 1) french kissing (yuk!) or 2) "rough-housing" to the point where one of them is getting hurt. Other times, they're just being boys ... like this morning. The blue blanket is Roscoe's security blanket (thanks, Sheryl!) and he drags it with him wherever he goes. Oh, on another note ... at 3 months, Roscoe is over 7 lbs. the vet thinks he'll be about 21 lbs. Havanese are suppose to be between 10-15 lbs. so looks like we scored!

If you turn the volume up, near the end you can hear yours truly singing one of Lucas' favorite songs. He loves music time at school and is enjoying "singing" along to many different tunes.

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