Monday, February 4, 2008

A Cut Above

Tom slipped in a puddle and fell while holding Lucas yesterday, right outside of Lucas' daycare center. Lucas landed face first on the pavement, and before we knew it, he was gushing blood, screaming, and had a huge welt on his forehead. Luckily, I work on a medical campus so we rushed him to the children's ER where he was seen immediately. They kept him for observation for several hours, and he was released early in the afternoon. It was a scary, stressful day, but we're so glad he's been behaving like himself, eating and playing as usual. Here's the shiner he's currently sporting.

On a lighter note, it was high time for a change so I cut my hair ala Katie Holmes (Mr. Cruz's wife) in a layered bob -- and am donating all 10 inches to Locks of Love. The bangs didn't really translate in this photo, but you get the gist of it -- Tom likes it and so do I.


michele said...

Love the hair!!! Did I ever tell you about the time Garth was holding Ethan and didn't make a wide enough turn around a corner? Smacked his head pretty good...of course wasn't a face plant on the sidewalk. Parenthood sucks sometimes with all the peril but it is SOOO worth it! So sorry you had to go through the trama!

Alex Bana said...

I didn't know Tom and Lucas had slipped and fallen. I'm so sorry. That sucks! It sounds like everything is going to be OK fortunately.

The hair looks cute and I predict that that specific haircut will be the next "Jennifer" cut.

Kudos on the blog and please give that cutie Roscoe my best.