Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NDSS 2010 NYC Buddy Walk & Video

We had the extreme privilege and pleasure to attend the 2010 New York City Buddy Walk on Saturday, September 25th, to join thousands in Central Park and raise awareness for Down syndrome. "Team Bean" raised more than $2,400 for the National Down Syndrome Society. THANK YOU to all who supported the cause!

Lucas was one of about 200 people chosen to represent Down syndrome in the yearly video presentation in Times was an awesome experience seeing Lucas up on this GIGANTIC screen! He got a kick out of it too! Here's a link to the complete video on the NDSS website -- Lucas is at about 11:00 minutes into the video. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Love those Pictures!!! Gotta say my nephew is a ham!!! Titi loves you Beanie!!!

Jaime said...

I am new to the DS world, just found out our little boy (unborn) has DS..I live in S. FL as well. I just started a blog.