Friday, February 26, 2010

The Hot Seat

Lucas had his first dentist appointment today. Tom prepped him for it all week and Lucas was actually excited about it this morning...he was showing off his teeth, his brushing skills, and opening his mouth when we told him "say ahhhh..." Little did he know what lay ahead.

According to Tom, Lucas entered the pediatric dentists' office with a lot of bounce in his step. Everything was cool until they asked him to lay back in the chair -- the picture below is the only one Tom managed to snap before he was asked to help hold Lucas down...poor beanie!

The good news is he doesn't have any cavities and his teeth look good. Kids with Down syndrome don't tend to have cavities, but are more prone to gum disease so we need to be diligent about cleanings. He will likely need to have some teeth pulled when his permanent teeth come in because he doesn't have much space up top -- I had four teeth pulled when I was a teenager so I can relate -- no fun, but it all worked out.

Anyway, seems Lucas got carried away with his clean, sparkly teeth and decided to use them on one of his schoolmates -- he left teeth mark on the poor kid's ear...the horror! Tom made Lucas apologize to Carter. When I got home and asked him what happened in school with Carter, he grabbed his ear and said "ear" and when I asked him if he bit Carter and then apologized, he answered "yes" to both. Tom was very stern with him and he's never demonstrated this type of behavior before so I certainly hope this is an isolated incident.

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