Thursday, August 13, 2009

Panama City Beach

We spent a long weekend in Panama City Beach with our dear friends, the Blackfords. They rented a spacious, new, beach-themed condo overlooking the Gulf -- it was a 3/3 so we had our own bathroom and a comfy king-sized bed we shared with the kung-fu-kicking Bean. We had such a nice, relaxing time.

Highlights included lots of beach time catching up over beers, swimming in the warm Gulf water, Lucas jumping from the side of the pool (for the first time), the best tacos EVER at Bud & Alley's Taco Bar in Rosemary Beach, Tom's mango lobster tails and cilantro rice paired with a fabulous Shiraz Rob and Jenni picked up in San Francisco (they'd been saving it since their 10th wedding anniversary three years ago so we were honored), and watching the girls, Emma and Anabel (otherwise known as Lucas' entourage), playing and having fun with Lucas. The girls spent much of their time "catching" fish and collecting buckets of shells. Another fun fact is that Lucas has really taken to Rob...he'd already warmed to him quickly earlier this year, but this time Lucas would wake up in the morning yelling "Rob" throughout the condo and when he first spotted Rob in the mornings, he'd run to his must be Rob's magnetic personality!

Although it was a hellacious 9-10 hour drive each way, it was well worth it. More pics will be added to my Facebook account soon.

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