Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

I have not been a good blogger as of late...blame it on the weakening economy which has resulted on my spending more time at work (or worrying about it), more time clipping coupons and readjusting our budget, more time cleaning up the house, and with Tom working irregular hours still, more time with the all-consuming Bean who is getting to be more fun by the day.

I marvel at parents who are able to pull games, activities, you-name-it out of thin air to entertain these half-pints...I'm just not that creative in the "what to do with a 2-year-old" department. But, in a brilliant move, today I invented "ready, set, go!" -- really ground-breaking stuff as you'll see for least Lucas is having fun and getting some exercise (although he's at the 50th percentile in height, he's between the 50-75% in weight so we gotta keep him moving).

I promise to post more because there's really so much going on that I'd like to share with those of you who care enough to stop in :)

You'll see Lucas saying "stop" and "go" in the video -- well, not really, saying but more like approximating the words...he's slowly starting to build his spoken vocabulary and is up to about 12-15 words...he signs about 60 or so. Speech tends to be the most challenging area of development for kids with DS (especially boys) so we work hard on it. Look for Lucas' new theatrical move which is his "surprise" expression. There are also pics of Lucas with his cow puppet, having fun in the tub, and playing on the computer (with our 18-year-old cat Groucho looking on)...a few of his current favorite pastimes.

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