Monday, July 14, 2008

Home from NDSC Convention

I returned late last night from the National Down Syndrome Congress annual convention in Boston. Although I had to go solo, it was an awesome experience and my head is still spinning from the emotions and all the information -- I learned so many things, including matters that will have an impact on Lucas' life and our world. I particularly enjoyed the keynote presentations, hearing from self-advocates (young adults with Down syndrome) and connecting with like-minded parents.

I was very excited to see a preview of the new NDSC public service campaign -- in both Spanish and English -- titled "We're More Alike than Different" which I'm going to help promote in south Florida because I feel the campaign can help shift the general public perception of people with Down syndrome. It's funny, I feel as though I've been drafted into this role of advocate, but one I'll gladly do if it can help shape Lucas' future into a more accepting and loving place. Stay tuned for more as soon as I catch my breath...for now, I must finish bathing Lucas who is busy banging on his xylophone (thanks, Mom!).

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