Friday, June 20, 2008

Big Week for Beanie...

It was a big week in the Rhyneer household. Lucas turned 20 months and guess he decided it was time to start walking AND talking! First, he very purposefully said "ball" TWICE while handing me, what else, balls! Second, he took a couple of independent steps getting from the toilet seat to the tub. Interestingly, both of these major moves took place in the bathroom -- beanie does love his baths! I shared the big news with his speech and physical therapists -- in addition to the county-sponsored weekly sessions, Lucas goes to private physical therapy once a month -- Isabel has been seeing him since he was two months old and this morning she warned me he's ready to GO...with a little confidence building, she expects him to be walking independently by this time next month. Watch out Groucho and Roscoe!

Lucas has been steadily increasing his sign language vocabulary which is up to about 25 words and is combining 2-3 word phrases, but it's so nice to see and hear him "speak" -- he's cooking up a few more words so I'm sure sometime soon we'll be hearing others. It seems somewhat surreal to look back and remember a time when I wondered if he'd ever "do" anything -- admittedly, he was about 2 months old. There was -- and still is -- so much fear about the impact of Lucas' diagnosis on his development and as a result, his future. But one thing is true.... every day, Lucas shows us how determined he is and how much he can accomplish with some love, dedication, and support. May this be a sign of many new things to come! He is an exceptional child and our life is so much happier, richer, and more meaningful because he is our son.

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Armando said...

Absolutely beautiful! The bean is a special kid and he is sure is lucky to have such a great set of parents!! I've always expected big things from the 2nd to youngest Rhyneer - I guess Roscoe is the youngest now - and it seems like he loves proving me right! xo, =)